Have you ever considered whether you are making your mark on the world while you still have breath?  It is time to take a look at your life and decide what matters most!

Dear friend, entrepreneur, stay at home mom, working woman or any woman desiring to effect her world and leave a legacy for future generations to follow:

What if I told you that your life really does matter, that you were created with purpose and destiny, and that you are more powerful and influential than you know? What if you started moving in the plan of God for your life, STARTING NOW, and began to effect change in the lives of your children, your family and your world?

One thing that constantly amazed me when I lived as a missionary in the Philippines was God’s divine ability showing up to impact the lives of people just because I showed up and was willing to let Him use me! Some people think that they are not smart enough, bold enough, young enough, old enough – whatever area it might be – people generally feel they “aren’t enough” to live a life of significance that influences others for good!

Here’s the thing, my friends, time is short. Life is short. Last week my dear friend’s husband died of cancer in his early 40’s, my uncle died of cancer a few days ago, still others I know have been diagnosed with terminal illness – all of them fairly young. My point is not to glorify sickness or provoke fear, but to ask YOU to consider the brevity of life, and to take stock of what YOU are doing to ensure you are making your days count!

What do you see first in the picture below?

If you are like most people you would answer, “A white dot.” The human brain tends to like focal points. The mind is fixed and it stays there. It takes some retraining of the mind to “see” all of that black space surrounding the white dot!

This is a good illustration of our daily lives. Our minds naturally gravitate toward the things in “our world.” We get so consumed in our daily routines, the cares of this life, and seeking security in the form of food, shelter and clothing, that we sometimes forget the bigger picture of, “Why am I here?” or “What is my purpose?” We are like that little white dot, surrounded by a much bigger picture, yet we can’t seem to lift our heads for a moment to see more, dream bigger, believe for greatness – because we are “too busy.”

Does this sound familiar to you? It should. I can’t count the number of times people, including myself, have allowed themselves to be swallowed up by life only to find that years have passed and they are still not doing what they were called and created to do! Jesus spoke of this in the Parable of the Sower when he demonstrated how the cares of this life could make the word of God fruitless in our lives. He also gave us a plan of action to avoid this pitfall – don’t seek after your food, shelter, clothing, etc. – seek God’s kingdom first and HE WILL take care of you!

Am I saying don’t work? Absolutely not! I am saying to change your focus! I am saying it is time to assess your priorities and identify what matters most! Your place of employment is not what matters most. Your paycheck is not what matters most. Your level of comfort is not what matters most. Here is what matters most: Are you using your God-given gifts, talents and abilities to lead those in your sphere of influence to a personal, living relationship with Jesus Christ?

You can do this as a mother, a teacher, a sales person, a business woman, a wife, a waitress, a pastor, a politician – where has God called you!? It is time to find out and to get yourself into position! What is holding you back? I can tell you:


It’s pretty black and white. You either trust God or you don’t. You choose faith or fear. You live for Him or live for yourself. You seek His kingdom or you seek yours. What is most important to you? Please, ask yourself in earnest. Look at your priorities and make any necessary adjustments because, as one who has left all to follow Him, I can tell you that there is no life more thrilling, more satisfying, more challenging or rewarding than the life lived for God! It’s time to erase fear and doubt, lift up your eyes and to SEE the potential of your life lived from a place of faith and trust! Let’s not live small, safe lives of comfort, but big, courageous lives worthy of our salvation!

As a daughter of God, a wife, a mother to my children, a friend and human being, my greatest desire is to please the heart of my Father God. I love Him and worship Him, and I want Him to love people through me. What about you? What is your greatest desire? When you look back on your life, what will have mattered most? Where are your priorities now, and where should they be? Do something brave today and surrender ALL to God. Ask Him for His plan, expect an answer, and then seek it with your whole heart!

 I pray that the Holy Spirit speaks to you through this word, and that you are inspired to ACT on it!

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