Grow in God Audio Blogs

Welcome to the audio version of my written words. I hope you find this a convenient and captivating way to carry this content with you wherever you go!

Episode #1 – Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

“How to Overcome in Any Situation”

When the wind and waves in your life start to speak to you, turn your eyes upon Jesus! That is the answer! When you look at God – eternal, mighty, king of kings, lover of your soul, redeemer, healer and friend – all of the turmoil and chaos of this world will begin to fade, and your perspective will change. You’ll stop feeling like your drowning, and you will begin to rise above it all. IN CHRIST we are always victorious!

Episode #2 – The Redemptive Power of a Broken Life

“Turn Things Around Every Time”

Did you know that every situation you will encounter in this life, when placed in the hands of the Redeemer, can have redemptive value? Determine that your pain will have purpose. God didn’t cause it, but He can use it!

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