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Welcome to the audio version of my written words. I hope you find this a convenient and captivating way to carry this content with you wherever you go!

Episode #6 – Children of Light

“Let’s wake up, redeem the time, and be the light of the world.”

We must be children of light! What do I mean by that? It is our mission to be ambassadors of the kingdom of God, to be “ministers of reconciliation.” We do this by “proclaiming the praises of Him who called us out of DARKNESS into His marvelous LIGHT.”

We must bring the light of God’s truth into every fiber of our being. We must live in truth, walk in truth, share the truth. We are living epistles known and read by men! Wherever we go we bring the light with us, and it only takes a tiny bit of light to chase away a whole lot of darkness.

Episode #5 – Know your Season

“Don’t Miss the Beauty in the Steps of your Journey!”

Don’t let your desire to finally “arrive” at your future destination rob you of the joy in every step that it takes to get you there! You can cast the vision, you can write it down and make it plain, you can talk about your future and God’s plan for your family; but, the only way you will see the future vision come to pass in your life is to wake up to your present reality every day, and make a decision to live – really LIVE – in that moment with joy & thanksgiving in your heart, doing what God has called you to do, in the place He has called you to be TODAY.

Episode #4 – Break Free & Step into your Destiny

“Uniquely Designed for a God-given Purpose & Destiny”

Break free from the lies that bind you, and believe the truth that makes you free! There is so much inside of you! There is so much good, so much beauty, so much talent, so much ability – so much POTENTIAL!

Believe that the good work that God has begun in you, He will be faithful to complete.

Episode #3 – God’s Love for the Unloved

“The Exceeding Riches of His Grace and Kindness”

The love of God is the greatest force in this universe. God is love, and He has manifested His love to us in the person of Jesus. Are you a sinner? An adulterer? A drunk? An addict? A thief? Are you full of religious pride and hypocrisy?  If you are, then you are a prime candidate to receive of the grace of God SO THAT in the ages to come, all would look at you and say – look at what the Lord has done!

Discover today the redeeming power of God’s love!

Episode #2 – The Redemptive Power of a Broken Life

“Turn Things Around Every Time”

Did you know that every situation you will encounter in this life, when placed in the hands of the Redeemer, can have redemptive value? Determine that your pain will have purpose. God didn’t cause it, but He can use it!

Episode #1 – Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

“How to Overcome in Any Situation”

When the wind and waves in your life start to speak to you, turn your eyes upon Jesus! That is the answer! When you look at God – eternal, mighty, king of kings, lover of your soul, redeemer, healer and friend – all of the turmoil and chaos of this world will begin to fade, and your perspective will change. You’ll stop feeling like your drowning, and you will begin to rise above it all. IN CHRIST we are always victorious!

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