Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity…

GOD - Our Very Present Help

The Psalms are full of exhortations to look to God in times of trouble. He is our help. He is our strength. He is the river that never runs dry. Join me as we dig some treasure out of Psalm 46 together.

God Wins!

Let this word lift you far above all earthly things! It’s time for God’s children to SOAR.

Propel Recap - Momentum "Moving Forward "

Do you ever feel stuck and unable to move forward? Perhaps there’s more to this “holding pattern” than meets the eye. Dive into this Propel session with me where we discuss how our perspective and focus in “stuck” seasons can effect what we draw out of them.

Propel Recap - Growth Series "Growth"

Have you ever held back what is inside of you for fear of what others might think if you come across too bold, too driven, too passionate or strong? You are not alone! Let’s be clear, making ourselves “small” and failing to step into the fullness of God’s call on our lives isn’t God-honoring; however, bringing all that we have to the table (with truth and grace) and living into our full potential as women of God IS God-honoring. Don’t hold back the greatness inside of you! Release it! We need it!

God Finishes What He Starts

Do you believe God is a quitter or do you believe that He finishes what He starts? Did you know that He began a good work in you? The Word says He will be FAITHFUL to complete it! If He’s not a quitter then He won’t quit YOU! He (not you) began the work. He (not you) perfects the work. Don’t be foolish and try to finish in your flesh what He started by His Spirit! HAVE FAITH!! Believe that God counted the cost of working to build you and He decided that the blood of Jesus was ENOUGH to finish the job!

Propel Recap: Growth Series - Lengthen

Is God needing your “yes” so He can begin leading you step-by-step into the fullness of your destiny? Are you unsettled with just “doing church” and know that you were made for more? When God stretches us, He also wants us to “lengthen” by making this increased capacity our “new normal.” Growth is not comfortable, but it is necessary as we walk the path that God has ordained for us.

Propel Recap: Growth Series - Stretch

Are you experiencing a stretch in your life? Sometimes we realize we have greater strength, greater love, greater ability and a GREATER GOD inside of us than we ever knew because we are put in hard situations that put a demand on what’s inside of us. Your willingness to embrace the stretch will determine how much God can increase your capacity in preparation for what’s coming in your future. Don’t be afraid to grow!

Motives Matter

Motives matter to God. Everything in the kingdom is about the heart. It’s not just that we pray, give, serve, etc. – but that we do it with the right heart. Why do you give? Why do you volunteer or pray for people? Why do you go to church? Let’s do a heart check up together.

Propel Recap: Growth Series - Enlarge!

God’s will is increase. As a people commanded to be strong and do what God has called us to do, we must take inventory of our lives and “prune” the dead branches in order to grow in a healthy way. God first does a work in us so He can do a work through us. What needs to “go” in order for you to grow???

Growing Pains: Why Obedience is Worth It

It’s time to lay comfort and convenience on the altar. It’s time to dig deep, to press forward, to lengthen and stretch our faith. It’s the cost of obedience now or the pain of regret later – you choose!

The Process Prepares You for the Promise

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck on the backside of the desert waiting for the promise of the call on your life to come to pass? God is all about strong roots and healthy foundations. That’s why between the promise and the “promised land” there is always a PROCESS.

Propel Women Recap: The Mommy Wars

“The Mommy Wars” – mom guilt, comparison, judgment – we got into all of it during our talk on integrated passion. Listen in on the Propel Recap and share with a mom because we all need to hear this!

Stop the Thief

Have you ever experienced what I call the “pile on” technique that the devil uses to overwhelm you and bring you to a place of despair? Here’s the good news – when we are backed into a corner there comes a point that we say, “Enough!”

Propel Women Recap: Creating with Passion

What is in your hand right now that you can use for God’s glory? Step out and watch God multiply what you begin creating with passion and purpose!

Can You Pass the Test and Go to the Next Level?

God’s will for us is increase, but with greater influence and ability there is greater accountability. Can God trust you with His anointing? His wealth? With the souls of men and women? Here are a few questions to challenge you to grow to a place of accountability so God can put more in your hands!

Uncommon Value

How do you measure your value? Are you using faulty measures that result in wrong judgments about your self-worth? Learn to rightly measure your value by discovering what God says about you!

Reclaiming Your Fearless Faith

Have past detours, derailments and failures left you in a state of spiritual paralysis? Do you doubt your ability to hear from God or know His will for your life, therefore you do nothing? Watch to learn how to reclaim your bold, fearless faith!

A Challenge for the Truth Seeker

Are you seeking truth? Maybe you think Christians are critical, hypocritical judges and want nothing to do with their idea of “truth” or God. That was my perception until I encountered the real God. Come listen to my story…

Victorious Living

Are you living a life of victory in Christ? The Bible says the victory that overcomes this world is our faith! Let’s build up our faith & give God the glory as we share our testimonies of His goodness in our lives. Watch to learn how.

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