Growing in God

As newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the Word, that you may grow thereby. – 1 Peter 2:2

Feed Your Spirit

You are spirit. You possess a soul. You live in a body. Just as the natural body needs natural food, the spirit man needs spiritual food. The word of God IS the food that nourishes the spirit, and helps it to develop and grow. Just as a newborn baby needs milk to grow, so does the born again child of God need the milk of the word to grow.

A little baby is very cute, even when it makes a messy diaper, crawls around on the ground, drools, and spits up, but who wants to see a 30 year old man do those things!? All babies must grow up. They learn to roll over, crawl, walk and then run. They babble, then form words, then speak in phrases, then sentences. They cry and throw fits, then learn to communicate their needs, and eventually learn they are not the center of the world.

Crave the Word

If we are going to accomplish what God would have us do, fulfill His plan and purpose for our lives, and live in the victory that Christ died for us to have, we will all have to grow up in the knowledge of God, and into the place of maturity that will be required of us to do so. We cannot fight the good fight of faith and overcome in life if we are spiritually weak and anemic! We cannot grow if we are malnourished, so let’s get into the word and have a feast. This is one case where it’s okay to over indulge, covet and crave – DESIRE the word and eat it up so you can be healthy, strong, mature, developed, and ready to fire at will when the enemy brings challenges, test and trials into your life.

The word of God will tell you what to do when you put it in your heart, so let’s put it in as we study together. I pray that any Bible study you partake of here will feed you, strengthen you and be a word in season when you are weary.

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