DIY baby projects are a great way to put your creativity to work, create memories, and personalize gifts for your friends and loved ones!

Diaper Cakes

I am two weeks away from D-Day and getting ready to welcome my 1st baby girl into the world so I am taking advantage of my moment for frills, ribbons and bows! Someone made a diaper cake for me at my baby shower and I thought the idea was so cute! Once I searched YouTube and Pinterest I was ready to take on this DIY baby project for myself!

This weekend I get the opportunity to host a baby shower for a friend. I knew this was my chance to get the creative juices flowing with a pink and grey masterpiece – not to mention a last chance to do anything creative for at least a few weeks since I will have a newborn in the house again – so I made a diaper cake! What fun!

 Diaper cakes are a great DIY baby project to give away at baby showers!

Mixed Media Art

My mom is a master craftswoman! In fact, it has been her business for over 20 years. She has always inspired me with her creativity, and recently she made some adorable wall decor for the baby. She used mixed media on canvas and created a trio of owls.

Mixed media art is a great DIY baby project to help bring a nursery to life!

Decorative Letters

When my sister-in-law was visiting last year she introduced me to the world of Modge Podge! Once I saw what you could create with some scrapbook paper, Modge Podge and a few embellishments I knew I had to try it! We went shopping and got the goods we needed to create some letters to hang over William’s crib.

Modge Podge letters are a DIY baby project that will add a personal touch to baby’s room!

Baby Clothes

If you enjoy sewing at all then you will really enjoy creating unique apparel, accessories, blankets, etc. for baby! When I was pregnant with William we were sure that we were having a baby girl! I got right to work looking at some of the cute things I could make with ruffles, bows, and frills, of course! My first project was a diaper cover with pink polka dots!

Needless to say, I have been waiting a few years to put that diaper cover to use since our baby girl turned out to be a boy! Soon I can actually use it and even create some new ones (if I ever have the time again!)

Clothes & accessories are DIY baby projects that can explore baby fashion fun!

Whether you like to create beautiful things for friends or you’re looking to make your own personalized baby “stuff,” I hope you get some good ideas and inspiration from this post! Have fun putting your own talents into these projects!

Do you have any good ideas to share? I’d love to hear them! Post in the comments section below or come tell me on Facebook!

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