OK ladies, whether you are reading this as my mom, my sister, a friend, a co-worker, or someone I don’t even know – LET’S GET REAL! Let’s think about what we have thought about! Let’s talk about comparison and all of the ways it robs from us when we give it any place in our lives. Have you ever thought something like this…

       “She sure seems to have it all together.”

“She lost her baby weight faster than I did.”                              “She lost her baby weight.”

   “She’s such a good cook, I can’t even pull off a good plate of spaghetti!”

      “Her skin is so perfect.”       “Her house is so nicely decorated, why doesn’t mine look like that?”

“Her boobs are bigger”                              “Her butt is smaller”

                                   “Her hair is nicer”

                                                                          “Her kids seem to behave better than mine do.”     

   “Where does she get all of those designer clothes?”

                                 “Where does she find time to do all of that?”

    “Her baby is talking sooner, walking sooner, reading sooner, potty trained sooner than mine is.”

“She’s more spiritual than I am.”

                 “She prays more, serves more, does more for God.”             “She’s a better mom.”

        “She’s a better wife.”                         “She lives a better life.”

                                                     “She’s more beautiful.”

“She’s more everything!”



Stop the madness! Stop comparing yourselves among yourselves – it is not wise! Now, some of us are better at getting rid of those thoughts when they come, but they come to us all. If you say you’ve never had a thought like that, you need to repent and ask for forgiveness because you’re not being honest with yourself.

WHY do we have these kinds of thoughts? The enemy of our souls would love for us to grab hold of them and allow them to defeat us, discourage us, dis-empower us, and dishearten us. He uses lies to get us in a trap, and the comparison trap is one of his go-to weapons with women!

You are unique, beautiful, amazingly talented, and gifted, and strong! You are perfect – a masterpiece in God’s eyes because He already sees you as a finished work! PLEASE get your daughters if you have them, get your girlfriends and listen to this short video below. Listen to it every morning if you need to and BELIEVE that you are AWESOME!


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