“So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” ~ Romans 10:17

How do we know the will of God? We know the will of God by hearing the word of God. We cannot have faith for something without first hearing what God has to say on the matter. So what does God have to say about His people prospering? Let me tell you, He has so much to say about it that to attempt to write it all in a short blog would be like trying to fit the ocean in a teacup! That being said, let’s put up a few disclaimers as we move forward…

1. CAUTION: Traditions of men make the word of God of none effect. (Mt15:6) So let’s not reject what God said in order to keep our own tradition. (Mk7:9)

2. The Word of God is the Final Authority: Regardless of what you have been taught in the past, always ask yourself, “Where is the scripture for that?” Let every word be established by 2-3 witnesses. (Mt18:16) In other words, interpret all scripture in light of other scripture – there should be several Bible verses for whatever it is you believe!

3. Be Balanced: God does want His people prosperous, but He does not want them covetous and greedy for gain.

4. There are Conditions: Most if not all of God’s promises concerning prosperity are conditional. You’ll see in the following that His blessing is for the one who is willing and obedient; the one who hears His voice; the faithful, upright man that puts His kingdom first and seeks His right way of doing things. In other words, you can’t rebel, and go your own way, and do your own thing and then ask God to bless it!

5. Don’t be a Fool: Faith for prosperity comes from hearing His word AND doing it. You can’t lay on the couch and make confessions all day, waiting for your “ship to come in” if God told you to go get a job. You won’t prosper that way. Let’s be spiritual people, not flaky!

Having put forth the above disclaimers, I want to write here a confession of faith for you to declare over yourself this coming year. That means you say it, think about it, look up the scriptures, meditate on them, and REPEAT until the incorruptible seed of God’s word gets planted in your heart, digs deep roots, and grows into a strong conviction where knowing God’s will is concerned. You can’t get by on another man’s revelation. This word has to become real TO YOU, and once it does you will do the happy dance because God is a net-breaking, boat-sinking, cup running over, blessings that overtake you, too much God!

My friends, let’s grow in God! Let’s learn what He says and be strong in our convictions! Let’s speak what He says over our homes, businesses, finances, and future! 

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