Victorious Living

I fully believe in the power of a living witness that can testify to God’s goodness, mercy, love & grace in his or her life. God enables us to overcome even the most unbearable and heartbreaking challenges of life when we look to Him in the midst of the crisis and say, “I trust you.”

Do you have a testimony to share? I would love to not only hear it, but to help you to share it with others so that the Holy Spirit can use it to quicken another’s spirit, and help that person to know that if someone else has walked their path and come out on the other side – they can do it too.

I have collected just a few testimonies so far that you can read in the pages below. I pray that you are inspired and encouraged as you read, and hopefully you can find the courage to share your own story to inspire others.

Submit Your Testimony here.

God Bless!


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