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Episode #5 – Finding a Way to Forgive Pt. 4

“Grace to Forgive – My Personal Testimony”

If you’ve been hurt, abused, betrayed, disappointed, rejected, or abandoned – this word is for you! Sometimes forgiving others in situations like these can seem like an impossibility. The good news is that God never asks us to do anything that He hasn’t already equipped us to do. What seems impossible can quickly become very possible when the grace of God begins to move.

Let me share my personal testimony of how God empowered me to forgive in the midst of a shattered life.

Episode #4 – Finding a Way to Forgive Pt. 3

“Forgiving God and Forgiving Yourself”

Is God really in need of our forgiveness? The short answer is no; however, if we perceive that He has failed us, disappointed us or let us down in some way, it can damage our relationship with Him. If we believe He is the source of our pain, how can we ever go to Him for our healing? How can we move into a place of freedom?

In the same way, true freedom will only come when we can also forgive ourselves. Let’s look to the Word to learn what it has to say about this important truth.

Episode #3 – Finding a Way to Forgive Pt. 2

“Wrong Beliefs About Forgiveness”

Many times we have internal objections to forgiveness that keep us from extending it to others and walking in the freedom that forgiveness releases. In this session we will debunk six myths about forgiveness in order to empower you with a clear understanding about what forgiveness is and what it means. You’ll also be armed with the truth about what forgiveness is NOT. 

I firmly believe by the end of this session choosing to forgive will be the obvious choice and the only choice. Knowing the truth will make you free!

Episode #2 – Finding a Way to Forgive Pt. 1 

“A Willing Heart”

If you are human chances are you have had opportunity to be offended or hurt by another’s words or actions. Carrying the pain of those wounds – whether small or great – will inevitably have a negative effect on your life and in your relationships.

Most people know forgiveness is a necessary part of recovery, but how do we find it within ourselves to forgive someone who has hurt us?

In, Finding A Way to Forgive, I want to help you answer that question. Forgiveness is about your freedom. Stop living tight, bound, and guarded; defensive and limited. Let’s work through the pain to a place of peace.

Episode #1 – Welcome to Water & Light TV

In today’s culture of many “truths” how do we come to believe that God’s Word is truth? How do we come to know His character so we can be conformed to Him rather than conformed to the world we live in? We must know what the Bible says and why we believe it, ultimately making it the standard of truth we base our lives on. This is the goal of this program.

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